Stourport High School

Project Overview

Stourport High School

Cottrill’s Carpentry was commissioned by the principal contractor to enhance fire safety measures at Stourport High School. Our scope of work involved improving fire doors along the main fire routes within the school premises.

Project Background

In the Easter holidays of 2022, Cottrill’s Carpentry undertook a time-sensitive project to replace the main fire route fire doors across all school blocks at Stourport High School. This project, completed within a two-week timeframe during the school’s recess, required meticulous planning and execution.

Our team worked collaboratively with the rip-out team employed by the main contractor. They diligently removed doors slated for replacement, allowing our team to follow suit, installing new FD30 and FD60 fire doors along with fire-rated glazed screens. In total, the project encompassed the replacement of 66 fire doors and the installation of 12 fire-rated glazed screens to secure critical fire routes.

To meet the project’s strict deadline, our team dedicated long hours, including late evenings during the final week, to ensure the job was delivered both on time and to the highest quality standards. Currently, discussions are underway with the contractor to return to the school for further fire door refurbishments once funding becomes available.

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